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echnical Information


 Dynamic Load

Half of static load


Depending on the application and the dimension,
from 0,002 to 0,02 mm on the shaft diameter.
 Maximum Speed of Movement

For Standard SFERAX 5 m/s.
In case of ball-bearing movement, the speed at
the end of the stroke must be diminished.
 Admitted Acceleration

Standard SFERAX 100 m/s²
Special SFERAX 150 m/s²
 Coefficient of Friction

Approx. 0,002
Reduced friction allows heavy loads to be shifted longitudinally with a minimum expenditure of power, hence energy.

- Thin bodied oil -for high speeds
- Dry if necessary
  Max. speed 1 to 2 m/min. (without seal)
- Lithium-based grease.
Choice of viscosity depends on speed; the higher
the speed, the lower the viscosity should be.

Rectified benzine
Compressed air

 Fitting Instructions

The ball bearing can be held in place by being slightly tightened or bonded. The bearing should be pressed into the housing using a mandrel 0,1 mm smaller than the housing bore. It should be square to the bearing and in contact with the outer housing only (see drawing below).

montage.gif (28931 octets)

 Basic Requirements

- A high degree of cleanliness
- Avoidance of shock loads
- Correct alignment of the ball bearing and shaft
- Correct loading of the ball bearing and shaft.


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